Elton Out of the Closet (18+)

Saturday 17 Aug 2024 | $40.00

Doors open 8:00pm 
Show from 8:30pm 

Elton Out Of The Closet® is the world's most exciting and accurate portrayal of mid-70s Elton. This is the top-of-his-game Elton we all remember:  athletic, fantastic vocal range, magnificent costumes, and consistently iconic songs.
Starring the incomparable and world-renowned Jason Paris, Elton Out Of The Closet® has been commended by Queen's Brian May and Elton John's David Hentschel.
Elton Out Of The Closet® is a two-hour, Vegas-style entertainment spectacular that brings the voice, the character, the story, the costumes, the iconic instruments, and Elton himself OUT OF THE CLOSET...

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