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Cheers to Celebrating 15 Years Steven.

If you’ve visited the RSL over the last 15 years, chances are you have tasted Steven’s delicious cooking.

Real Wok expert, as Steven celebrates his 15 year anniversary with us, we thought it fitting to catch up with him over a handful of questions.

Read on to find out a little more about Steven and his time with us.

What in particular do you enjoy about working at the RSL?

Cooking is something that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family, that’s what we do. I have been cooking all my life, so I love to come to work and to be able to do what I am good and passionate at.

I also really enjoy working with the people at the RSL, being here for so long it’s like a big family to me.

How have you seen the RSL change over the last 5 years?

Over the past 15 years, a lot of things have changed at DYRSL, especially with the current redevelopment. It’s exciting to watch it come to life and I can’t wait to see it all complete.

With these new spaces being created over the past few years, there is something for everyone at DYRSL and it’s great to see that we attract such a diverse group of people.

Describe ‘a day in the life’ working at DYRSL in your current position.

I work at Tastes of Asia, one of our restaurant at the RSL where you can experience authentic Asian dishes. My day is pretty much to rock up and cook! I usually do split shifts and work for lunch and dinner service every day.

What is a fond/funny/stand-out memory of your time here?

I have a lot of great memories working at DYRSL, especially back in the days, when I used to cook for the functions.

If you could have one super-power, what would it be?

To be super strong and to never get old!

What is the weirdest fact you know?

I am originally from Malaysia, and did you know the biggest roundabout in the world is located in Malaysia? The Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah in Putrajaya is 2.2 miles and has a diameter of 3.5km.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I speak a bit of Dutch! I actually lived for over a decade in Netherlands and Belgium in the 80’s/90’s, and I still have some of my family living in Belgium right now.