Your Guide to the Dee Why Headland Walk.

Looking to get some sun and fresh air?

Consider tackling the Dee Why Headland Walk.

Known for having breathtaking views of the Northern Beaches coastline and an abundance of native wildflowers in the spring, the Dee Why Headland Walk is a relaxing walk from North Curl Curl to Dee Why.

If you’re looking for a leisurely mid-morning or afternoon walk, the Dee Why Headland Walk is the perfect solution – and this is your number one guide to getting the most out of your experience.

Read on – we’ve shared five essential facts about the Dee Why Headland Walk including the best lookouts, local facilities and tips for walking enthusiasts with sensitive knees.

1. The Walk Takes Around 45 Minutes To Complete

The Dee Why Headland Walk stretches about 1.6 kilometres and takes around 45 minutes to complete.

There’s plenty to see – Dee Why has a sensitive coastal ecosystem, providing an important wildlife corridor between Curl Curl and Dee Why Lagoons, so you’re bound to spot some native fauna along the way.

The walkway can be rocky and steep in places so make sure to wear comfortable shoes with good grip to avoid slipping.

Along the track, you’ll also notice the Hawkesbury heath vegetation thriving in the infertile soils of the coastal sandstone.

The walkway has been cleared for easier walking, but in the spring, you can admire the vegetation, native plants, pink flowers and wildflowers.

2. You Get Spectacular Views Of The Northern Beaches

There are some fantastic views along the headlands – and plenty of lookouts where you can stop to take in the beauty of the Northern Beaches.

For brilliant ocean views, make sure to stop at the Tea Tree Lookout which sits high above crashing waves. From here, you can see as far as the Central Coast!

Alternatively, stop in at Rulingia Lookout were you’ll find shrubbery adorned with pink flowers. In the spring, wildflowers grow in the area which looks breathtaking compared to the rugged sandstone platform close-by.

Finally, there’s the Gahnia Lookout, named for the tussock-forming sedge (clumping grass) commonly found on the headland.

No matter where you stop along the way, you’ll receive an incredible view of Manly to Long Reef and even further to the Central Coast.

3. If Your Children Are Bolters, Maybe Give This One A Miss

If your little ones are a little too adventurous, you might want to give this walk a miss.

While the views are incredible and the wildflowers are breathtaking, the Dee Why headland walk can be dangerous for small children who tend to run away from their parents.

The walk can be rocky and slippery in places with steep sandstone cliff faces all around, so if your little ones like to stray, it’s best to avoid this headland walk.

4. Walkers With Sensitive Knees Should Start At Dee Why Beach Rockpool

The headland walk starts at Dee Why Beach Rockpool and ends at North Curl Curl Beach Rockpool, however you can start the walk from either end of the track. Most maps and articles recommend starting from the North Curl Curl entrance but if you suffer from sore or weak knees, we recommend the opposite.

Don’t be intimidated – the track looks steeper from the Dee Why entrance however, the uphill hiking is more manageable for sensitive knees than slipping and trekking downhill.

5. Explore The Coastline Safely

There’s no doubt about it – there are some incredible views and natural wonders to experience in Dee Why.

The Dee Why Headland Walk is the perfect opportunity to get outside. It’s a generous 45-minutes each way with minimal challenges – although a little steep from the Dee Why Beach entrance, the walk is clear of trip hazards.

Take in the view of the Northern Beaches coastline and remember to stay safe and  follow Public Health advice, limiting your group to two.

Dee Why Beach from southern end
Dee Why Headland

Tackle The Dee Why Headland Walk for Sun and Fresh Air.