DYRSL is currently closed. Find out more here

We asked. We listened. We delivered.

When it came time to undertake the biggest redevelopment in our history, we asked you – our members – what matters most, what we could do to improve, and how we could do more for our community.

The results so far are all around you. Refreshed uniforms. A brand new bar. Additional car spaces. A modern welcoming foyer. A stunning porte-cochere.

While we’ve already made a lot of changes so far, there are more to come.

With the return of our beloved Flame Lounge & Dining, a new sun-lit Courtyard and additional live entertainment areas, all scheduled to open late 2021, we will deliver even more to engage our community and a new generation of members.

Although we continue to evolve, the one thing that won’t change is our spirit of service. In many ways it’s business as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flame Lounge & Dining closing forever?
It sure isn’t! It is temporarily closed and will re-open in a new location within DYRSL late 2021.

What new offerings will the redevelopment provide?
The redevelopment will provide multiple eateries and bar areas, additional live music and entertainment areas, a state of the art sports bar, Battery House, over 200 additional car spaces and a new welcoming entrance and foyer.

Will you still have live music seven nights a week?
We have been working through alternative options for a temporary relocation of this beloved area during the renovation period and have been unable to identify a suitable space that will accommodate the piano and won’t interfere with any existing events. A new live music area is being created.

Is it true that Bistro and Tastes of Asia will be run by a third party?
No. All of our outlets, both new and existing, will continue to be run by DYRSL.

How can I find out more?
We’re here to help, and we want to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for everyone. To stay up to date as our redevelopment progresses, please continue to visit our website, sign up for our newsletter or ask one of our friendly staff members.