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The Burdekin Association

Providing Local Youth with Support, Accommodation and Hope.

Dee Why RSL is proud to welcome a new community partnership with The Burdekin Association.

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Based in Brookvale, The Burdekin Association offers a range of support and accommodation services to people aged 12-24 and their families. They aim to prevent young people becoming homeless by developing healthy relationships, stable accommodation, and establishing goals to secure education or career pathways.

Dee Why RSL is supporting their Youth Support Fund, which enables children, young people and case managers to access additional financial support to purchase items, access services or have special experiences that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to do. The aim is to ensure that they have the same or similar opportunities as their peers.

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This fund is used for purchasing such things as university textbooks, swimming, dance or driving lessons, tools for apprenticeships, providing a young person with everything they need for their formal, and ensuring everyone in the accommodation service that is currently studying has access to the internet, a computer, and even interstate trips for sports competitions or supervised family visits.

“The generous donation from Dee Why RSL enables us to deliver tangible benefits to the young people that we support through our Youth Support Fund,” said Justene Gordon, CEO of The Burdekin Association.

“The children and young people in our care have experienced varying levels of trauma in all their lives, and the fund enables our Case Managers to take them on activities. They are often reluctant to talk about things
however, when they see a Case Manager failing at bowling or terrified of a roller coaster, they understand that even their Case Managers get scared.”

The activities and experiences that clients have been able to engage in include Wet and Wild, Luna Park, movies, surfing, horse riding, special hairdressing nights and manicures. Case Managers participate with clients in these activities and it provides a shared experience that they can reflect on together. They can also share feelings such as fear and embarrassment which can build into discussions around past difficult experiences, coping strategies
and successes.

“They see how fears can be managed and overcome. Every activity with a client is a learning and growing encounter. We have the honour of sharing the lives of our young people, and they inspire our work every day.

The Youth Fund can only operate through the generous support of the community. Thank you to Dee Why RSL for their generous support,’’ added Justene.

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