Spectacular Orchids on Show at Your Club

Through the Club’s Community Support Program which supports over 120 local community organisations, Dee Why RSL has been a long-time supporter of the Manly Warringah Orchid Society and their annual 3-day event, ‘Orchids by the Sea.’ Now in its 11th year at the Club – this year’s event runs from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 August in the Showroom on level 3.

There will be an abundance of spectacular orchids for sale and on display, as well as creative floral art and craft. 4 – 6 AUGUST Originally formed in 1971, the Manly Warringah Orchid Society has always been committed to helping local causes, which led to a strong association with Dee Why RSL Club. Both the Club and the Orchid Society support local school Fisher Road School; Dee Why RSL is committed to providing ongoing funding through the Community Support Program, and the Orchid Society donates through orchid sales, fundraising and building an onsite greenhouse where the children can enjoy growing orchids.

“The Society decided to support the Fisher Road School at Dee Why several years ago, and we built a shade house on the school grounds and stocked it with orchids which could be exhibited in the Show,” said Angie Sulfaro, Vice President, and award-winning orchid grower. COMMUNITY “This shade house was so successful for the children that we replaced it with a larger one to accommodate the plants, which have been thriving and blooming profusely ever since. We then sell many of these plants at the Show, and Dee Why RSL also assist by purchasing the orchids on display at the Club, with the combined proceeds going back to the School. Our association with the School helps them to buy equipment, such as a new trampoline for the playground. We hope to do the same again this year,” added Angie.

“We also conduct an art competition involving the year 6 students of Dee Why Public School. We supply the children with photographs and they create some fabulous artworks using various media, with winning artworks awarded prizes.” The Club also funds Dee Why Public School through the community support program for several school projects, including the Boys and Girls Shed, which is a program for students who are at risk of disengagement due to a lack of adult role models.

“These achievements wouldn’t have been possible without Dee Why RSL and the support it delivers, both through funding assistance and providing a home for our annual ‘Orchids by the Sea’ show. Many types of orchids grow well on the Northern Beaches because of the mild climate. There are over 35,000 different species and a lot more hybrids. Orchids are grown in most regions, including North and South America, South East Asia, China, Europe, England and Australasia. “People are drawn to growing orchids because of their beauty and diversity, and it can become quite an obsession to increase one’s collection.” said Angie.

Details about the Orchid Society can be found at www.orchidsociety.com.au.