Money Donated in Memory of Adored Staff Member

All members, board, management, and staff were deeply saddened by the passing of one of their much-loved and longest-serving staff members; Julie Hooker on 11 May this year. Julie had just celebrated 30 years of service to the Club in 2017, with her first shift being on New Year’s Day in 1987. Julie leaves behind husband Mick and two children – Grant and Christine.

“She started working in what we called the Bowler’s Bar. Back then she always knew what every member drank, often having it ready before they even reached the bar. It was in that time that she met her husband of 20 years; Mick, who used to bowl,” recalled Marilyn Whitney, one of Julie’s closest friends and colleagues.

In the later years she worked on the floor as a supervisor. She then moved to Redemption where she remained until 2017. “Jules was wonderful with the elderly customers; she had such empathy to all their needs and often spent her days off assisting them with shopping and doctors’ appointments – never too busy to assist.  She even had husband Mick helping out when needed.”

“She was just like that with everyone, staff, customers and friends. It was the fibre of her being, to always give back. It’s a true testament of our love for Jules that we couldn’t all fit into the church for her service. There was so many staff (both past and present) there, along with customers, directors and management,” added Marilyn.

To honour Julie’s memory the Club has made a donation of the latest accrual of Julie’s husband Mick loved his wife’s zest for life. “Julie was a fun-loving person always ready to help those in need. She will be sorely missed by her family and many friends. Her presence made the world a better place.”

“Her favourite colour was red – in fact, she liked everything bright and colourful, much to management’s dismay. She was such a rebel – always being her true self and never worrying about protocol or rules. She had such a bubbly personality, making everyone’s day much brighter when she was on shift,” reminisces Marilyn.

Julie will be sorely missed but never forgotten. Here are some staff comments, when asked to recall what they loved about Julie:

“Hilarious to work with”

“Compassionate to everyone”

“Beautiful inside and out”

“Generous of heart and of time”

“She was a good egg”

“She was a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day”

“She made a 10 hour shift fly by with her laughs”

“She’s a lady we’ll never forget”

“We miss you dearly Mrs Hooker”

“Jules’ endearing nature made her a joy to work with”

“Jules was a champion – loved that lady so much”

“Still shining over us”