Dee Why RSL Director Toby Williams smiling at camera

Meet Your Board – Toby Williams

We are excited to introduce you to the latest addition to our team, Toby Williams, recently appointed as Director of Dee Why RSL Club.

As a Northern Beaches local, Toby has been a member of the Club since the age of 18 and brings with him a strong sense of community focus.

Welcome to the Team Toby!

How long have you been a member of Dee Why RSL for?
I suggested to my friends at the time that we go to Members’ Day at Dee Why RSL. This was in 2012 and most of us had turned 18 that year. We all joined the Club that day and I have been a member and regular patron since!

What are you most looking forward to as you begin your journey as a Director of Dee Why RSL?
I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve alongside a successful and experienced Board and focused Executive Team. I am really looking forward to meeting more staff, club members and community groups in my new capacity as a Director of the Club.

Describe yourself in three words.
Community-minded, enthusiastic and loyal.

What makes Dee Why RSL different from other Clubs on the Northern Beaches?
Dee Why RSL’s extraordinary forward thinking and significant support of veterans and the local community immediately comes to mind. In particular, the Club incorporates the input of its members as it strives to remain relevant and at the forefront of the industry. All of this is done with a respectful remembrance of the Club’s heritage and original purpose, meaning the Club grows without losing sight of its place in our community.

In your free time what are some of your favourite activities?
I am involved in a lot of things, so when I do have some free time on the odd occasion, I like to just relax and watch TV!

You were elected Secretary/Treasurer of ClubsNSW Northern Metropolitan Region in 2016. This is a huge achievement, tell us more about this.
I first began attending Regional meetings in 2014. A Secretary/Treasurer was required and I was very quickly moved (by Graeme Liddell, no less!) and seconded at the AGM. The Region meets three times a year and provides a unique opportunity for club and industry representatives to get together and discuss what is happening within our club specifically and the industry more broadly.

Last year, I was delighted to be elected unopposed as President of the Region.

On a lazy Sunday, where would we find you?
What is a lazy Sunday?! I could either be refereeing soccer, working as a Technical Official at a swim meet or umpiring bowls! If not, I would be catching up with family or friends over a meal at one of Dee Why RSL’s fantastic eateries.

What values of the Club are you most passionate about?
Respect and responsibility – these values will guide me whilst undertaking my duties as a Director. Dee Why RSL would not be the club that it is today without demonstrating respect for the members and staff, respect for the Club’s heritage and respect for our local community. The Club exists to help people and this sense of responsibility is best illustrated by the Veterans Centre. Dee Why RSL is leading the way in providing much needed support to our current and former service personnel and their families.

How would you define the culture of our local community?
It is well known that we live on the ‘insular peninsula’ – we do our own thing and everybody knows everyone! As a result, we have a culture of care and a willingness to assist those who are less fortunate. We live in a closely knit community and one in which people are ready and willing to support a good cause.

What excites you most about the future of Dee Why RSL?
The redevelopment, of course! Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of new places to eat, drink and socialise? The Club is focused on making things better for the members and I am excited to observe the changes as they occur. There is a great anticipation for the end result. What a thrill to come on board as a Director at a time of such significant change!