Meet Your Board – Peter Bell


We caught up with Peter our board member of 21 years about his experiences at Dee Why RSL

How long have you been a member of Dee Why RSL for?
I joined as a member in 1965 when I was 21 years old. In those days you had to be 21 to join Dee Why RSL.

How long have you been a Director of Dee Why RSL for?
5 years.

How have you seen the RSL change over your time as a Director?
As a Director, the biggest thing I’ve seen change has to be our community services made available through the Veterans Centre. Through initiatives like this, we are able to provide immediate help to contemporary veterans and their families and really give back in a great way.

What is your fondest memory as a Director?
I’m lucky enough to have many fond memories so it’s hard to pick just one. ANZAC Day, visiting other clubs, spending time with our members, getting together with the Board to discuss future plans; the whole Board has a great sense of camaraderie and we are all passionate about what we do.

What makes Dee Why RSL different to other RSLs in the area?
We are unique in our community initiatives. We’re out there to help the community and we excel in this. Our services, support program and the (Veterans) Centre serves to help the area, making us distinctly different. It is great for the RSL to be able to give ClubGRANTS to our community and in particular to those groups who get very little or if any, support from local, state or federal government, involving children who are missing out on education and social activities, which is an important part of growing up.

If you had to describe yourself in four words, what would they be?
Friendly, Community Minded, Involved.

In your opinion, what has the impact of the Veterans Centre had on the community?
The Veterans Centre has had a big impact on the community. Ben and the team have created something truly special in their services and recognition of people in need. Having His Excellency, the Governor of NSW as Vice Regal Patron of the Centre is testament to the importance and impact of the Veterans Centre.

What is your favourite thing to eat and which outlet is it from?
I enjoy a variety of foods the chef creates. I especially enjoy the Country of  Origin meals that change each month. They are always interesting and it is clear how much effort is put into creating each of these dishes.

What is something that we wouldn’t know about you?
I’m a grandfather and love it! I have 7 grandchildren, aged 5 – 15.

What excites you most about the future of the RSL?
What excites me the most is where we’re going in the next 3 – 4 years. It’s so exciting to be able to get involved with the renovations and see how we’re modernising with our new eateries and bar areas. The whole renovation plans are incredible and futuristic. It will be unlike anything in the area, so it’s hard not to get excited about it.