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3 Reasons To Check Out Live Music On The Northern Beaches This Weekend

What does an average weekend look like for you?

Carting the kids around to sports carnivals, friends houses, and on some dreaded occasions, the supermarket?

How about finishing uni or job-related work, deep cleaning the house, and then collapsing onto the couch at 7:30pm to watch Netflix?

The fun never ends!

It’s time to break the pattern of chores, chores, and more chores on your day off… I mean, when was the last time you took the missus out on a date?

Grown-ups need time to unwind with friends, too, plus a romantic night on the town with a loved one never hurts… but what to do?!

The Northern Beaches has a million and one things to do on a weekend, one of the most thrilling being live music. The music scene is pumping right now and the Beaches are populated with talented, up-and-coming musicians keen to blow the mind of an enthusiastic crowd.

Not sure you’re up for a live gig? Read on to find out why you should let loose, head out on the town and catch a live show this weekend.

1. You could witness a star on the rise

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Image: Pixabay

Ever seen Australia’s Got Talent or X-Factor?

You can get the real-deal experience at your local pub or RSL!

There’s nothing better than discovering a brand new sound and heading home to download their EP. A singer with some Christina Aguilera-like pipes might be right on the cusp of fame – all it takes is one like, share or download after their gig at a pub or RSL to help them hit the jackpot.

Imagine seeing their music video go viral and watching their high-profile interview on Sunrise a few months later!

Is that really an opportunity you want to miss?!

We provide free, accessible entertainment to the Northern Beaches seven nights a week here at Dee Why RSL. Our impressive lineup of musicians changes all the time, but there’s one thing guaranteed – you’re sure to discover some fresh new tunes every time you walk through the door.

Our Flame Lounge has live music from a range of unique, up-and-coming musicians, including solo pianists and guitarists who sing sultry pop, jazz, and indie tunes, then on the weekends, we ramp up the energy with live rock music.

Get out of the house this weekend and take your partner or friends out for a night of live music! You never know who might become a big celeb!

2. You’d be supporting local artists and musicians

live musicians dee why

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In Australia, live music generates close to 65,000 jobs nationwide – half of which are full-time gigs – and according to the 2015 World Cities Cultural Report, Sydney has around 435 live music venues and a population of 5,000,000, leaving few places for our talented musicians to rock their fans senseless.

The drop in global music revenue from the digitisation of music has caused a major change in how most people consume media, and now live music is the main source of artist income in Australia.

Musicians get a rare chance to share their music with the world through free live gigs. Live shows offer artists valuable opportunities to make a couple of bucks, gain a few more fans, promote their music, and get a heart-pumping thrill from a live performance.

Rock on down to the local RSL this weekend – a singer, musician, or group would appreciate the support!

3. Best of all… it’s FREE!

live musician playing in northern beaches

Image: Pixabay

“Going out is expensive” is no longer an excuse!

Our live music experience is 100% free.

Yup! You can catch a live band or musician seven nights a week FOR FREE at Dee Why RSL, meaning there’s no reason to bundle up watching Netflix all weekend, or head to bed as soon as the sun goes down…

…as tempting as that sounds.

Grab the kids and head on down to the RSL for a delicious, affordable meal at The Asian or The Bistro, then pop into the Flame Lounge for a couple of drinks in our cosy, oversized lounge chairs and enjoy the smooth, sultry sounds of a live musician.

Has there ever been a better excuse to get out of the house?

No more weekends overrun with housework and chores – head out for some free live music on the Beaches!

It’s time for mum and dad to unwind!

It can be overwhelming working all week, keeping the kids under control, then having the weekend overrun with housework and mediocre prime-time television. Grown-ups need to let loose and get out of the house too – there’s no better way to do it than with some live music on the Northern Beaches.

Forget watching X-Factor – you could meet a future celeb belting out their tunes at a live show, or discover a new sound that’s worth another listen.

You’d also be supporting local artists and musicians whose main source of income comes from live shows!

Best of all, Dee Why RSL’s live music lineup is 100% free, so there’s no excuse to be cooped up inside all weekend.

Let loose this weekend!

Check out our gig schedule or contact us for more information about live music in Dee Why.

Feature Image: Pixabay