Dee Why Football Club Team

Grass Roots Soccer Club Integral To Local Community

Established over 70 years ago, Dee Why Football Club (DYFC) has been a longstanding feature of grassroots soccer in our local community. Dee Why RSL has proudly supported DYFC with over $100,000 in funding over the past decade, as part of the Community Support Program.

DYFC coach and player Alex Wise recalls that a previous version of DYFC was set up in the 1920s, but the Great Depression and World War II put a hold on soccer in the area. With the war over a group of veterans along with local teens established the first official men’s side back in 1946.

The Club grew, later establishing junior sides in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Many still may remember the world-famous Manchester United legend George Best turning out for the Club in an exhibition game in the 1980s when the Club also boasted a NSW State League side.

One feature of the Club proudly maintained throughout its history has been inclusiveness in the community. As Dee Why has developed as a suburb, DYFC has always welcomed new arrivals to the area to join up and come down and play some footy.

With over 600 current members, DYFC has doubled its size in the past six years. Club President Stuart Nairn is equally proud of the Club’s newly established Academy program which he hopes will eventually feed local youngsters into future Premier League sides in men’s and women’s football, as well as representative sides.

Dee Why Football Club Girls Team Dee Why Football Club Team League Winners Boy and Girl from Dee Why Football Club

“We will always be a community club – those are the values we were built on, however we also recognise the need to prepare kids to play the highest level of football they can,” said Stuart.

In junior terms, Dee Why FC’s Academy has already produced young players that have been snapped by the local representative sides such as local heavyweight Manly United, which is also supported by Dee Why RSL.

However, for Nairn and Academy Head Coach Ryan Doidge, the community club remains integral. To that end, the club has registered record numbers of girls this season.

“It’s been great to see the growth in girl’s football at the club,” said Doidge.

“We are genuinely delighted and will work hard to continue to increase female participation in the game. Recently it’s been great to see so many girls competing on equal footing not only in club competitions but also at our popular school holiday camps.”

“The support of Dee Why RSL has been invaluable for Dee Why FC over many decades” said Nairn.

“It has enabled us to help grow the club and keep down costs for registrations, which is important for many local families. DYFC looks forward to the future and a longstanding relationship with the RSL for many years to come.”