Featured Food: Lunar New Year

The ancient Chinese zodiac lists 2019 as the year of the Earth Pig, but what exactly does that mean and what do we have in-store for you in celebration of the Lunar New Year?

Singapore Chilli Crab

Firstly, let’s rewind and start with the legend of the Chinese New Year, now more commonly known as the Lunar New Year.

Legend has it that the beginning of Lunar New Year started with the fight against a mythical creature called the “Year.” Inhabiting the sea, the year had the body of an ox and the head a lion and would cause destruction to the community on the Eve of Lunar New Year. Eventually, people soon discovered that the year feared the colour red, fire and loud sounds, thus beginning Lunar New Year traditions of lighting fireworks, hanging lanterns and displaying red Chinese paper craft.

Now, this might not be fact, but, as a creature of the sea, we are pretty sure the Year’s favourite dish was the Singapore Chilli Crab and that is exactly what you will find in The Asian this February. Clawing its way out of our kitchen and onto your plate, The Asian’s Singapore Chilli Crab balances fresh ingredients with sweet and sour flavours.

Despite its name, the hottest thing about the Singapore Chilli Crab is the slightly sweet yet salty and juicy crab meat. Made to be eaten with your hands, The Asian’s Singapore Chilli Crab is guaranteed to make a delicious mess so fetch a napkin, line up a cold beverage as you embark on a crab-tivating sensory experience.

 The Dragon

Often seen in festive celebrations such as Lunar New Year, the dragon dance is a traditional dance performance. Dragons are believed to bring good luck to people, therefore, the longer the dragon in the dance, the more luck it will bring to the community. Believed to possess qualities of great power, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness, you are able to view our dragon prominently on display in The Asian outlet.

The Earth Pig

The Pig is the last of the Chinese zodiacs in the traditional 12-year cycle. Being born in the year of the pig can lend you a number of special characteristics. According to Chinese astronomy, the pig is faithful in friendship, stylish, optimistic, hardworking and extremely passionate, known to be kind and generous.

With so many enviable qualities, our friends at Hope Brewery have released a beer that embodies the pigs stylish and passionate characteristics and cheekily called it ‘Year of the Pig’ Draught that we have available to you in a selection of our Bars.

Comprising of three ingredients; malted barley, pure water and hops, one of the things we love about this brew is its simplicity and surprisingly outstanding flavour. Hoppy and robust, the Year of the Pig draught is a yet to be released to the public, meaning you could be one of the first people to try it.

We officially enter the Lunar New Year, Year of the Earth Pig on Tuesday 5 February.

With this, as they would say in Chinese, “xīn nián kuài lè” (Happy New Year).