Dee Why RSL Club participates in 2017’s Do Something Day

Dee Why RSL Club staff were quick to assist when asked to donate goods to local group The Community Pantry, as part of the ClubsNSW-initiated ‘Do Something Day’ in July. Introduced to recognise and encourage the extraordinary contributions made by everyday Australians, ‘Do Something Day’ is an annual campaign that Dee Why RSL had no hesitation in getting involved in.

Over a three week period, staff were asked to contribute items for The Community Pantry, a volunteer group based in Narrabeen who provide free weekly meals and basic necessities to the Northern Beaches’ ‘hidden hungry.’ Popular called-for items included men’s clothing, canned goods, and children’s activity toys.

The response was immediate, with the collection of goods rapidly growing by the day. At the culmination of the drive, all of the donated goods were loaded into a van and delivered to the clubhouse.

“I think we can forget how good we have it,” said Jen Kozak, Club staff member.

“The opportunity to give back keeps you grounded – the deserving people who are helped by this drive could be any one of us going through a tough time,” added Jen.

Dee Why RSL Club also supports The Community Pantry through the annual community support program, which supports over 115 local organisations with cash and in-kind assistance across a wide scope of needs. These organisations include assistance for veterans, disabilities, vulnerable children, victims of domestic violence and mental health; to sporting, education and the arts.

The Community Pantry is a service initiated and run by local northern beaches volunteers to provide fresh weekly meals and take home fresh fruit, vegetables, and necessary items to help those in need. The Pantry is based out of the Narrabeen Sharks clubhouse at Narrabeen.

If you would like to assist with donations, or go along for a meal and a chat, feel free to contact The Community Pantry via its Facebook page.