Chinese Tower for Two

From Ancient to Imperial, Dynastic to Republic, China’s history spans over 3000 years and is nothing short of fascinating. As The Asian restaurant introduces what could be considered the next notable moment in the world’s longest continuous civilization, let us draw you a brief timeline of interesting events that have taken place in the lead up to modern-day China.

1200 BC: Earliest known chopsticks are used and are thought to have been invented as a cooking utensil, rather than an eating tool.

221 BC: The Great Wall of China starts to be built and takes 200 years to complete. Spanning over 21,196km, it will take roughly 18 months to walk the length of the wall.

1271: Marco Polo visits China; one of the first Europeans to visit the Asian continent.

1391: Historically, the first modern toilet paper is created for the Chinese Emperor family; each sheet of toilet paper was perfumed.

1908: Pu Yi is born; the last of the Manchu Emperors. Coming into the thrown at two years of age, his reign as Emperor lasted three years before China became a republic in 1912.

2003: China launches its first crewed spacecraft, making China the third nation to launch a human into orbit.

2008: The XXIX Olympics is held in Beijing, described as representing “China’s entrance onto the world stage and confirmation of its new superpower status.”

2019: Chinese Tower for Two is introduced for lunch or dinner daily in The Asian. Spread across a three-tier tower of delicacies, enjoy:

  • Asian Yum Cha selections
  • Fried rice
  • Half lobster with ginger and shallots
  • Eye fillet with black pepper sauce
  • Fresh fruits
  • Portuguese tarts

Fresh, fragrant and filling, what better way than to enjoy this delectable dish than with your partner, although, it’s that good, we wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to share.