Dee Why RSL Club Chaplain, Anelle Beeby.

Working alongside the Salvation Army and Dee Why RSL, Anelle Beeby is our Club Chaplain. The role of our Chaplain is to assist people, without regard to their life circumstances or beliefs, on their journey through life. A Chaplain is a support person in good and not-so-good times, and is professionally trained and has theological qualifications.

Anelle Beeby is a Pastoral Care Worker by trade with over 15 years experience working in Aged Care, Caring for the Disabled, and working as a Pastoral Support for those experiencing Palliation and Grief. Anelle is a mother of three beautiful children and lives not far from the Northern Beaches on the Upper North Shore near Hornsby.

As a Chaplain, Anelle encompasses a full range of spiritual services, including a listening presence and help to deal with powerlessness, pain and alienation. Furthermore, Anelle assists people to change what can be changed and to cope positively and peacefully with that which cannot be altered. Anelle encourages everyone’s own spirituality in either religious, or non-religious terminology.

Anelle is available to meet with people at Dee Why RSL Club, as well as off-site.

You can locate the Dee Why RSL Club Chaplain by visiting reception or emailing