A Different Brilliant

Dee Why RSL has steadily supported Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) for the last decade, in particular the Aspect Vern Barnett School at Forestville, funding more than $157,000 in cash support over this time through the Club’s Community Support Program. This year’s support was allocated to purchasing 18 new iPad Pros for students.

“Students with an autism diagnosis have a preference for visual learning, and iPads are an engaging and portable way of providing understanding,” explained Fiona Dignan, the Principal at Aspect Vern Barnett School.

“I am incredibly appreciative of the support that Dee Why RSL has provided to our school. So many children have benefitted from the upgraded junior playground in 2016 and now the iPad technology in each classroom in 2017. Both of these supported projects will go on to help children for many years to come.” stated Fiona.

“The apps available can be easily customised, as well as personalised around the individual’s interests and circumstances. When students are connected to the learning using their interests and strengths they are engaged, and engagement equals learning. Apps promote independent learning and offer immediate feedback and reinforcement. The iPad is portable and easy to use. In particular, the touch-screen design is well suited to those with poor fine-motor skills,” added Fiona.

If you would like to support Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), or ask advice about Autism, please call 1800 ASPECT (1800 277 328), or visit www.autismspectrum.org.au