10 Myths About RSL Clubs

RSL Clubs have put up with a lot of stereotypes over the past few decades.

“Only old people go to RSLs.”

“If you don’t like Bingo, you’re out of luck.”

“I can get better bistro food at a pub.”

“My friends will think I’m not cool if I go.”

The truth behind the RSL myths

It’s time to break the stereotype.

We’re cracking down on the ten most common myths we’ve heard since we opened our RSL doors in 1937.

The truth behind the myths?

Read on to find out.

#1  I won’t feel welcomed

Entering unknown territory can be little nerve-racking. Sometimes we may feel we won’t be accepted. That’s not the case with Dee Why RSL.

Everyone is welcome.  

Anyone. Any age. Any gender. As long as they’re ready for a good time.

#2 I never know what to wear — the dress code is confusing

For years, people have thought they’ll get kicked out for wearing thongs or shorts.

For special events such as an engagement party or wedding, it’s probably best to leave the casual clothes at home. But on most occasions, RSLs are pretty laid back about dress code.

At Dee Why RSL Club you’re all good to go as long as you steer clear of the following:

    • Swimwear, leotards or lycra bike shorts
    • Untidy, ripped or dirty attire
    • Obscene or offensive language on clothing
    • Tank tops, singlets (men), midriffs or see-through clothing
    • Bare feet
    • Hats (ladies are permitted to wear non-peaked hats)
    • Thongs after 8pm, (ladies’ dress sandals are allowed)
    • Work boots/overalls after 8pm.


#3  RSL clubs have a dull, old-school atmosphere

It’s not uncommon for people to think of RSLs as an old-people, old school atmosphere. RSL Clubs are commonly advertised for their bingo and trivia nights. It’s no wonder the youngsters might not think it’s so hip.

Let us tell you a little secret about Dee Why RSL. We have something for everyone, whether you’ve just started walking, are a teenager, just finished uni, started a family or are getting a few grey hairs here and there. We’re more than just a one-room band who does trivia, food and drinks all in the one space. We’re a modern, open and living RSL club ideal for all ages.

Keep reading to see the activities you can do at RSL clubs.

#4  RSLs are boring, there’s nothing for me to do

Dee Why RSL has activities for all types of personalities and age groups. Activities range from comedy shows and live music events to the Wiggles, and of course the classic RSL fare of bingo and raffles. Here is our list of favourite things to do next time your at Dee Why RSL Club:

Click here for the full range of activities at Dee Why RSL Club.

#5 They don’t cater for my dietary requirements

Are food options always a struggle? You either can’t find what you like or the menus don’t fit your dietary requirements. At Dee Why RSL Club we have four delicious dining options:

Have certain dietary requirements such as an allergy or need some vegan options? Talk to our friendly staff and we’ll get the chef to whip out something special just for you.

#6 Everyone in the RSL club drinks beer

While beer might be a popular choice, RSLs have a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In fact, the there’s a growing trend in people visiting RSLs for the live music more so than the social bevvies.

Want a drink that’s not beer? Did you know you can choose from a selection of freshly made cocktails? Not a drinker? How about our mocktail range?

If you do like a good old cocktail or glass of wine, then head over to the Flame Bar where we whip up some of the best cocktails on the Northern Beaches. Grab your mates, order a few delicious pizzas and let the good times roll.

#7. Kids get bored in RSLs

As a kid, you might remember the old folks telling you to put your nice shoes on because you’re heading over the RSL Club. You probably followed with a tantrum saying they’re boring and for old people.

Not anymore.

Your kids will want to visit Dee Why RSL every weekend once they hear about our Zone Bowling and Laser Tag area.

We offer state-of-the-art sound systems, arcade games, bumper and glow in the dark bowling, great food, and a licensed bar for the oldies. Perfect for the next kids day out or birthday party.

#8 You need to become a member to enter an RSL

You only need to become an RSL member if you are over the age of 18 and live within the 5 km radius of the club.

Members get all the perks like cheaper food and drinks, earn and redeem points, $20 Birthday credit, exclusive member promotions and more. At Dee Why RSL, our memberships are super affordable.

Read about all the membership perks and costs here.

#9 RSL Clubs are an eyesore

Over the years, RSL Clubs have gained a negative social stigma. Close your eyes and imagine walking to an RSL club. What do you see?

Perhaps you’re imagining beer stained carpet, drab paint, 80’s curtains and dim lighting.

Yes, back in the day RSLs were known as the place to wind down the week with a beer and punt on the poker machines, with some daggy background music to keep you company.  

Today, RSLs are a social hotspot, especially at Dee Why RSL Club. There has been a shift from the traditional drinking culture to a broader entertainment seeking culture.

People visit RSL clubs for the live, and ticketed shows, to share in a dessert, watch the footy or celebrate a special event such as a Birthday or Engagement party.

#10  RSLs are novelty venues for ANZAC day or Australia day

Most RSL newbies tend to associate the club with novelty events such as ANZAC Day and Australia Day.

Don’t get us wrong, RSL Clubs are known for their entertainment across those days. Have you ever played a game of Two-Up during ANZAC Day? If you haven’t then give it a go next year.

RSL’s are an all year round venue. At Dee Why RSL Club, we have weekly live music and entertainment so the fun times never stop rolling.

What myth were you most surprised about?

We’ve covered ten myths that have surrounded RSL Clubs since they first opened their doors.

Today, RSL’s have transformed themselves into modern venues suited for all ages. From live entertainment and fun for the kids to different food cuisines to cater for all dietary requirements and appetites. Dee Why RSL Club covers it all.

Plan your next event at Dee Why RSL Club and let the good times roll!

Visit Dee Why RSL Club’s What’s On page for upcoming events and activities