Gourmet Fisherman’s Basket

We know a New Year generally brings with it new resolutions, so if you’re fishing for a bit of a sea-change, our Gourmet Fisherman’s Basket is sure to hit the spot.

Get ready to enjoy:

  • Two battered king prawns
  • Two battered scallops
  • Three tempura calamari rings
  • Two tempura whiting fillets
  • One battered NZ Cod fillet
  • Half grilled lobster
  • Chef’s salad
  • Sauces and lemon

$27.50 Members price.

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Cooked to Order Steak Diane

Cooked to order and fresh from the grill, The Bistro wouldn’t be complete without this retro classic. Served with chips and salad, our Steak Diane is packed with flavour

$22.00 Members price.

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