Supporting the Northern Beaches Pasifika Community

Dee Why RSL is proud to welcome a new community organisation to the Club’s Community Support Program this year – Pasifika Community Northern Beaches (PCNB).

Established in 2015, PCNB is a group of local community members from various Pacific backgrounds residing on the Northern Beaches who are passionate about serving the local community, by way of organising programs that will benefit local Pacific youth, families and elderly community members.

Chairperson Sotiaka Enari says that the Pasifika community invites and includes any island community of the Pacific Region. The Chairperson of PCNB since inception and a Samoan himself, Sotiaka is a retired teacher and minister who taught in secondary and tertiary levels, having also worked for the NZ Corrections Department and Statistics NZ.

“Current prominent member groups are Tongan, Fijian, Samoan and Cook Islanders, and Maoris join in for some events like sports and entertainment. Pasifika communities are common in NSW and also other States of Australia,” said Sotiaka.

“Our Mission is to be of service to the local Pacific people living on the Northern Beaches, by creating linkages and building awareness of services and opportunities available to them, and by cultivating a sense of belonging by promoting and sharing the pacific culture with the broader local community.

Our Vision is for Pacific people of the Northern Beaches to have programs to assist in building awareness and improving access to local services, programs and activities.

The main question is how to make a difference. Getting the news out that a Pasifika community organisation exists is the primary step. Programs are necessary follow-ons and the group is set on the trail to serve where the need is seen, and to engage our ethnic and church groups as well as local organisations in the process. PCNB is in its fourth year of running programs and assisting in other events that bring Pasifika People together.

This year PCNB has received funds from Dee Why RSL that has enabled us to plan for a second Pasifika Day in May 2019, after the success of the first Pasifika Day in 2017, which was filled with cultural performances, island music, food stalls and kids activities. Other programs include a discussion group for young families and an art/storytelling program for the older generation. We thank Dee Why RSL for the assistance – 2019 Pasifika Day will be great!” added Sotiaka.

The PCNB is always looking for new members and volunteers, so please get in touch if you would like to roll up your sleeves and get involved.


We welcome a new member to the Clubs Community Support Program!