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Progress / June 2021

While a Sydney-wide lockdown may have loomed toward the end of June, it was business as usual for Boden Projects and our redevelopment.

A number of works, fit outs and services were completed throughout the month that continued to transform our new sunlit Courtyard, Flame and – now that news has been released – our dedicated Bingo and Cash Housie Room. Some of these works included:


– Essential services were roughed in
– Joinery, cladding and framing continued to enhance Flame’s layout
– Water feature framing has been completed and with the concrete all set to be poured in the coming weeks


– Joinery continued to be fitted and selected elements painted, transforming the space and adding pockets of Courtyard’s colour palette
– Bar fridges arrived and were installed
– Installation of ceiling high graphic mural behind Courtyard bar began
– Wall and floor tiling continued throughout the amenities

Bingo Room

– Walls and ceiling were covered and clad, allowing for works to continue in the coming months ahead
– Essential services were roughed in
– Structural Columns were covered and clad

It’s all very exciting as each unique space starts to come to life.

Don’t forget, the best place to watch the transformation of this space is through the windows by Bistro or our newly created Bingo Room window, at the top of the escalators on Level 2.

Head to Our Redevelopment to keep updated of our progress.