Our Vision

A new camaraderie.

From our foundation to our future, we are bound by one core value. Respect.

We respect our members. We respect our community. We respect each other. And every night we pay our respects to the fallen.

Now as the sun sets on our founding generation, a new age is about to dawn for the Dee Why RSL.

We have a new vision. It will lead to new spaces and new experiences. But the one thing that won’t change is respect.

From the storied history within the Veteran Centre to the fresh architecture of our new restaurant, entertainment and gaming areas, we are mindful of our reason for being – to help.

That’s why we are undertaking this evolution of the club – to do better and be better, for ourselves, for our members and for the wider community.

Because behind the good times, we have a serious purpose.

It’s in the spirit of service. And it’s our honour.

Multiple eateries and bars to suit every taste