Our Progress

February 2020

Reception and Porte-cochere
The new Reception roof and glass are complete as work now focuses on the ceiling installation and a unique copper feature. Aluminium cladding is progressively being hung before finishing the floor.
Internal works continues to progress with the completion of the new airlock, ramp and connection to car park lifts.
Stage 1 of the new Porte-cochere is on track to finish around the end of April.

Car Park
Hutchinson Builders have completed two of three major concrete slab pours required to connect the Bistro to Match Bar. The third major slab pour required to complete this trading level is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks with minor pours intermittently taking place throughout.
Works are continuing to take place underground as electrical, hydraulic and mechanical services have been installed. New lift shafts are complete with the lift itself scheduled to be installed in the coming weeks.
Form work on the roof slab will commence next week and will be split into three sections.

Battery House
Battery House is nearing completion as the bar and kitchen framing, stainless-steel works and equipment have all been installed. Bodens have completed the ceiling, and are now installing joinery items as they arrive on-site.
Landscaping has commenced to the new planters and cladding works visibly transform the Aqua bathrooms and upper reception ATMs.
The next major work will be the installation of the extensive floor finishes.

January 2020

Reception and Porte-cochere
Steel for the new Reception lobby roof has been installed and the new stairs leading up to Level 2 have all been clad.
Plywood backing for the porte-cochere is currently being installed, which will then have aluminium feature panels attached to it.

Car Park
Concrete pours continue to periodically take place. Hutchinson are ready to pour the ground level slab, which will connect the street to the carpark and the first above ground slab on the Oceangrove side. From here, there is one final half level of parking to be poured before works begin to form the main trading level. The trading level and roof will be poured in three sections each, scheduled to be completed by Mid-March.
Underground, Hutchinson have stripped props and formwork to the bottom levels and have started roughing in electrical services.

Battery House
High level ceiling works are almost complete with glass for the new garden skylight scheduled to be installed in the coming weeks. A small crawler crane will help lift the glass panels into place.
Epoxy floors in the kitchen and bars are being installed, ready for the bar and kitchen equipment.

November/December 2019

Reception and Porte-cochere
Demolition of the existing concrete façade on level 3 is complete with the focus now on lifting in the steel structure to support a new skylight and roof.
The new porte-cochere ceiling has been framed and serviced roughed in, ready for new ceiling panels to be installed in the New Year.
The Match Bar stairs are being framed and cladding is being progressively installed into the New Year.

Car Park
The evolution of the car park is visibly taking shape and is on the rise as Hutchinson Builders continue to periodically pour concrete. So far, the basement walls and four suspended slab levels are complete. The last major pour of the year is occurring Friday 20 December. Following this, the site will shut down until 6 January 2020.

Battery House
The retractable glass has roof has been installed with kitchen and bar equipment arriving over the next couple of weeks.

October 2019

Reception and Porte-cochere
Demolition of the old lower reception entrance and porte-cochere continues to take place, with the last of the glass facade removed, and remaining old lobby finishes stripped out.

Car Park
The remaining excavating and drilling equipment is being taken off-site as the last of the soil is removed. Hutchinson Builders begin to periodically pour concrete, forming what will be the new car park basement walls. Don’t miss a second of the transformation; view the car park evolution from The Bistro windows.

Battery House
Over the coming weeks, steel for Battery House’s new roof and the framing for exciting new bars and kitchens will be installed.

August/September 2019

There is a lot going on both internally, and externally, as we enter the next phase of our redevelopment.

Entrance to the Club
A few new walls around the Porte-Cochere appeared and a temporary entrance has been created that is close to where Zone Bowling is. The entrance is still accessible, and is plenty of directional signage as you enter the driveway!

Is going to look a little different for a few months, but you will still be able to book show tickets, sign in your guests and ask any questions to the team during this time.

Flame Lounge & Dining and Cabana Bar
Closed on 29 July to make way for our new sports bar, Battery House.

Battery House opens early 2020 and a bigger and better Flame relaunches in late 2020.

Match Bar
Open every day offering all the sports action live and loud, a TAB and an outdoor terrace.

Free Live Music
Now playing on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm until late.

Aqua Bar & Dining
Open for lunch and dinner seven days. Now with table service every evening.

Level 3 Lounge
Hoping to use the Cabanas? The level 3 lounge is a semi-private area, flooded with natural light, and perfect for small to medium functions.

Car Park
Continues to evolve as the last of the soil is removed. View the progress through the windows along the hoarding to lower reception.


July 2019

Our current focus is on the construction of 200 additional car spaces in what will be a convenient new car park that will feature elements such as lifts for easy access to the lobby and directional lighting.

As the foundations of the new car park reach five storeys below ground, we thought we would share with you some impressive figures.

Over the next month, you will see the beginnings of the new car park continue to evolve, along with the creation of new internal spaces and new experiences.


March/April/May/June 2019

Bulk excavation is well on its way, you will see trucks being loaded over the fence every morning and afternoon.

You will now see blue mesh hoarding and scaffolding around where the Match Bar fire stairs are so work to this area can start. This will cause no impact on the Northern carpark.

Pedestrian Access off Clarence Avenue

There is new timber hoarding in the port cochere which has created a larger walkway to enter into the Club via the ramp. Extra lightening has been added to this area as well as a 1m wall that provides a barrier from parked and moving cars.


February 2019

Hutchinson have completed all 28 diaphragm wall panels and the four large cranes have been demobilised and removed from the site.

Guide walls and the top of the diaphragm wall have been removed and bulk excavation has started and will continue until approximately July 2019.


January 2019

The builders have completed 26 of 28 diaphragm wall panels – the walls of our future basement that extend 16m below ground level. Progress is still on schedule and bulk excavation of this area will commence shortly.

In late 2018, our fantastic builders hosted a very special site visit, read all about it here.


December 2018

The builders are concentrating on the creation of the new Southern car park and progress is on schedule. Bulk excavation of this area is expected to commence in mid-late January.

FUN FACT: we can assure you that all restaurants and bars, existing and new, will be managed by the Club directly.


November 2018

So far, our redevelopment has seen some remarkable figures:
• 60 tonnes of steel was erected in less than a week
• In one day, 90 cubic meters of concrete was poured
• 2,500 cubic meters of crushed concrete was delivered on site in less than two weeks
• 450m of hording has been used over two months

The builders will turn their attention to the creation of the new Southern car park for the next few months (the best place to view this is from the windows in The Bistro).


October 2018

The porte-cochere works were completed on Monday 15 October.

Members and guests will now see the structure that was built over the last four weeks and the start of the new entrance.

The façade of the building has enhanced in size and function with the turning circle recently reopening as the very beginnings of our new porte-cochere, allowing sheltered entry and exit into our Northern car park.


September 2018

From Monday 17 September for approximately four weeks, the porte cochere saw construction works that changed the entry and exit to the Club.


August 2018

Dee Why RSL is pleased to announce that we have begun the largest renovation project in the clubs 70-year history.

The head contractor for this renovation is Hutchinson Builders.

The majority of the Southern car park will close the week commencing Monday 20 August however, the following parking will be available:

1. The Northern car park
2. The Southern car park adjacent to the kindy
a. Approximately 20 spaces on the upper level
b. Approximately 20 spaces on the lower level (This area is exclusive to parents of the Kindy from 7.00am – 6.30pm weekdays)

Demolition of the Southern car park commenced on Wednesday 22 August.