Ooooh-MGs! Win Four Brand New MG-ZS at DYRSL!


Cheers to Celebrating 15 Years Chris.

If you’ve stepped foot into DYRSL in the last 15 years, you’ve likely benefited from Chris’s wizardry in the world of facilities management.

As our resident magician of maintenance and Rolling Stones number one fan, Chris is celebrating his 15-year anniversary with us, and we couldn’t resist asking him a few questions to ask them about his journey.

Read on to discover more about Chris and the tricks up his sleeve when it comes to keeping DYRSL in top shape.

What in particular do you enjoy about working at DYRSL?

The people! Everybody is really nice here. I love the early starts and finishes and the variety of work.

Describe ‘a day in the life’ working at DYRSL in your current position.

I always start the day bright and early with the other facilities boys. We usually begin with a team meeting in which we get told what has to be done during the day and then we are ready to start work! Our role is basically to make sure everything operates smoothly and safely in the venue.

What is a fond/funny/stand-out memory of your time here?

I have a lot of great memories working at DYRSL, especially during the staff Christmas parties, enjoying time with all the amazing staff.

Throwing five heads in a row in Two up on ANZAC Day was also a big stand-out, so much fun!

How would your friends describe you?

I’m pretty sure they’d say I’m a legend. And who am I to argue with that?

All joking aside, I’m just passionate about what I do and take pride in doing it well. I’m always up for a challenge and love finding creative solutions to problems. I think that’s what makes me a valuable member of the team. And hey, if that makes me a legend in the eyes of my friends, who am I to argue?

What do you love doing the most in your work?

Solving the problems no one else can!

If you were to give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Don’t just work, work towards a goal.

What is your go-to meal here?

Anything from Battery House, all delicious!

What is your favourite music band?

I am an absolute fan of the Rolling Stones.

What is the weirdest fact you know?

Mick Jagger has a son younger than his great granddaughter.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

I love to paint.

What is your favourite drink?

If I had to choose a favourite drink, it would have to be beer. There’s just something about a cold brew after a long day of work that hits the spot, you know?